Life Insurance

Life Insurance at ISU


If you’re like most people, life insurance isn’t something you want to think about. But until your loved ones are adequately protected, it’s something you can’t afford not to think about. Take a look at this list of expenses that your family is likely to face should a loved one pass away:


  • Final medical costs
  • Outstanding mortgage or debt
  • Child care, in case of the loss of a parent
  • Lost income, in case of the loss of a wage-earner
  • Keeping a business intact upon the loss of an owner
  • Keeping a business afloat upon the loss of a key employee
  • Fortifying an estate against estate taxes
  • Leaving a legacy or charitable donation

With life insurance, your family won’t have to worry about these expenses. You can give them financial peace of mind – a lasting gift of love. A few minutes now could save your loved ones months of years of financial hardship down the road. Use our instant quoter below to get started now – it’s fast, easy, and free!

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