Business Insurance

Business Insurance at ISU

Given the exorbitant sums that some businesses pay for insurance and the exorbitant expenses that failure to insure can incur, it’s worth learning just how business insurance works and how to shop for it.

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What business insurance does

A myriad of business insurance products protect against the gamut of disasters, from identity theft to terrorism, but most businesses can see to their needs with just these four basic types:

  • Property insurance protects property, such as facilities, owned by the business.
  • Casualty insurance protects a business against non-property-related misfortunes which impair the company’s ability to conduct business, for instance, a neighborhood quarantine.
  • Liability insurance protects a business in case of legal entanglements, whether they be a matter of infringement or an air conditioner falling on a bystander.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance is a particular sort of liability insurance, one which is not covered under a basic liability package.

Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) is a popular product for small-to-mid-sized businesses.  BOP rolls together the first three of these types of insurance into a single policy and is usually more affordable than purchasing separate business insurance policies.

Suiting business insurance to your needs

A basic business insurance policy may not cover every relevant property loss, casualty or liability, but you can tailor business insurance to your needs through endorsements and the purchase of specific peril policies. Endorsements add extra coverage to an insurance policy. Specific peril insurance is any policy which protects against a only single type of damage, for instance, wind damage.

Whatever your specific business insurance needs, every company has these aims in common:

  1. Getting the right spectrum of protection
  2. Getting the right amount of coverage
  3. Getting the right price

Meeting these needs is where ISU comes into the picture.  We help you evaluate your risks and assets, and we shop for the best price for your business insurance products.  It’s an important job that can save you money and save your business.