Property Insurance

What is Property Insurance?

Property Insurance is a policy, purchased by a business that will insure against Damages or Loss to physical business space and business equipment.  Property Insurance also protects against any potential injuries sustained by customers/visitors occurring on the business premises due to normal business functions.

Who Buys Property Insurance?

Any business will benefit from property insurance. Just a few unforeseen calamities that can destroy a business.

  • Fires
  • Burglaries
  • Natural

Property Insurance will cover damage or loss of items such as:

Furniture, supplies, computers, data processing equipment, valuable papers, books, documents, tv sets, DVD players, signs, fences, outdoor property, non tangible items (trademarks and copyrights)

Property Insurance can reimburse actual cash value or replacement costs for damaged/lost assets.  If the business doors are open to customers and visitors, anything can happen.  It is imperative to invest in Property Insurance to protect your business from any claims or lawsuits resulting from potential accidents etc.

Can you purchase Property Insurance if you are renting your office/business space?

Yes you can.  Your landlord’s insurance may only cover his/her property against damages or loss.  If in doubt, double check the lease.

How to buy Property Insurance…

If you want to shop on your own or just compare prices, fill out the form on this page with the information of the person you would like to insure.  If you find a price you like, you can begin the application process immediately, online.  (There’s never an obligation to buy, even after you apply.)
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