Workers’ Compensation

What is Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

If your employee is hurt while performing a job duty, workers’ compensation will pay for that employee’s medical bills and it will provide a portion of the wages lost while said employee is unable to perform their job.


How Does Workers’ Compensation Insurance Work?

After your employee reports an injury, you would report a claim to the insurance company.  That employee will then begin to receive temporary disability benefits designed to replace their salary while they’re recuperating from their injury.  Once the employee receives medical care, the treating physician will evaluate the severity of the employee’s injury to determine what level of disability coverage that employee is eligible to receive.

4 benefits of workers’ compensation


  1. Temporary disability replaces the injured employee’s salary
  2. Medical care benefits are issued to cover doctor visits and any care needed to heal the injured employee
  3. Permanent disability benefits designed to compensate the employee for whatever losses in ability the employee sustains from their injury
  4. Vocational rehabilitation – if the employee is unable to continue working for said business, vocational rehabilitation will retrain them for a new job


Why Have Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

The whole idea of workers’ compensation is to get an injured employee back in good health and working again as soon as possible.  Workers’ compensation insurance will help employees get rehabilitation, a certain amount of coverage to pay for medical bills, and a percentage to cover their wages lost while unable to work.

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