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Home Insurance at ISU

Your home is undoubtedly one of your most valuable assets. It’s important for homeowners like you to protect that asset with an excellent home insurance policy. Homeowners and renters have several options available, but you might need a little help to find the best fit.

Here are a few questions you’ll need to answer as you look for right home insurance:

  • What’s the right type of coverage for me?
  • How do I know I’m not being taken advantage of?
  • Where can I get the best coverage at the lowest cost?

At ISU, we can answer all three questions for you. Call us now at 916-723-3800 and speak with a home insurance specialist today!

Or, if you’re still browsing, we can help with that, too. Here are a few types of home insurance:

Basic Policy

This is a very simple policy. It protects against things like explosions, burglary or theft, fire damage, lightning, smoke, hail, and windstorms.

Broad Form Policy

This covers slightly more than a basic policy. You’d be covered in the event of damage from falling objects, damages to electrical appliances, and damage to plumbing or heating systems caused by water, snow or freezing temperatures.

Special Form Policy

This policy covers a home from many physical misfortunes, with a few notable exceptions including earthquakes, floods, and damage from war or nuclear fallout.

Contents Broad Form

This type of policy is designed for tenants who rent a house or an apartment. Normally, Contents Broad is an inexpensive policy for renters. It’s useful if someone gets hurt on the property. It also protects the renter against damage or theft of personal property.

Comprehensive Form Policy

This is a very inclusive policy, as it provides all the protection found in the Special Form Policy plus additional coverage. When and if a home sustains any type of damage that’s not specifically mentioned as an exception, the Comprehensive Form will cover it.

Unit Owners Policies

This is specifically for owners of apartment complexes or condominiums.  The Unit Owners Policies provide personal property coverage and protect against damages from earthquakes, lightning, hail, storms, and fire.

Market Value Policy

This one is similar to the Basic Policy because it provides very minimal protection, but it’s more suited for older or historical homes that have unique physical characteristics that may be more expensive to repair or replace than the current estimated market value.

How do I know I’m not being taken advantage of?

You can shop with confidence because at ISU, we make it our business to educate you, the consumer. Our agents have many years of experience helping homeowners find the best home insurance rates available. We want to make shopping for home insurance easy for our clients, so we go out of our way to help you in any way that we can.

Where can I get the best coverage for an affordable price?

Call 916-773-3800 now to speak with an ISU insurance agent who can tailor the perfect home insurance policy for you!